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More than just clean beauty, it's microbiome-friendly skincare!

Backed with Gold Standard of Research Method

Biome Beauty telah melalui uji in vivo sebagai gold standard uji klinis skincare. Dengan tambahan uji ramah microbiome, Biome Beauty menjadi pioneer brand skincare Indonesia yang melakukan pengujian dengan parameter microbiome langsung di kulit manusia.

6 Scientifically Proven Power of Biome Treatment Essence
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Gotu Kola
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Cica and Cucumber essence working in harmony to boost skin hydration, make it plumpier and reveal its natural glow
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Formulated with top quality of Centella asiatica extract effectively reduced inflammation redness within 28 days of usage
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Recover unbalanced skin microbiome diversity
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Acne Care
Rich in nutrients necessary for good microbiomes to calm down inflammation caused by acne bacteria
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Smooth Youthful Skin
Maintain skin hydration and pH keeping the skin smooth and healthy

Microbiome-Friendly Proven

Terbukti secara klinis untuk menjaga microbiome kulit responden dalam kondisi seimbang dan memperkuat kulit mereka

Profiles Bacterial Fungal

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