Nusantics Biome Scan

Understand your skin health with Indonesia's first and most complete skin microbiome profiling powered by genomics technology

Meet Your Skin Microbiome!

Are you tired of trying different beauty products but your skin problems haven't gone away? Stop guessing and get to know your skin better!

By understanding your microbiome, you can discover what your skin really needs. Set your skin goals right and take a close look at your microbiome story.

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NOT Your Average Skin Check

Understanding your skin starts with understanding your microbiome. Biome Scan helps you analyze the profile of the microbiome ecosystem on the skin, usually dominated by fungi or bacteria.

Your skin microbiome is healthy when bacteria and fungi are in balance. If not, Biome Scan will advise you on solutions based on your skin condition and needs.

How it Works

Follow these simple steps to learn more about your skin microbiome

  • 01 Registration

    Register and book your Biome Scan skin check online

  • 02 Interview

    Visit us at Nusantics Hub and do an interview session with our Biome Assistant

  • 03 Swab test

    Our Research Analyst will carefully swab your skin face surface

  • 04 Skin analyzer

    Your skin will be tested with a research-grade Skin Analyzer tool to understand your complete skin conditions (only in certain treatments)

  • 05 Data processing

    Your skin swab sample wil be processed through our Bioinformatics pipeline

  • 06 Test result

    Get the complete test result approximately 1-2 weeks depending your package.

Choose Your Package

Basic Skin Test


  • Check your glowing, pH, sebum and wrinkles score accurately with research grade skin-analyzer
  • Help you understand where to improve your skin
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Essential Biome Scan


  • Swab your skin test
  • Help you rediscover bacteria and fungal composition ratio on your skin
  • Get general recommendation based on PCR skin swab result
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Balanced Biome Scan


  • Check your glowing, pH, sebum and wrinkles score accurately with research-grade skin analyzer
  • Swab your skin test
  • Help to understand where to improve your skin
  • Help to discover bacteria and fungal composition in your skin
  • Complete report and recommendation to improve your skin
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