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Microbiome friendly ™ Label by Nusantics

Millions Dollar Research Data in a bottle. Nusantics R&D is Asia's first and leader of skin microbiome expert. With our extensive skin microbiome database, we've turned science into a swab and a bottle of skincare!

What is skin microbiome and what happen if they are unbalanced?

A diverse and balanced microbiome develops when millions of microorganisms coexist harmoniously in the skin, resulting in radiating and healthy skin.

On the contrary, when the diversity and number of microorganisms in the skin are lower than they should be, diversity and imbalance or dysbiosis occur, leading to many nagging skin problems.

Microbiome Friendly Label for Everyone!

All Indonesian beauty brands are worth taking the international stage!

It's about something bigger than all of us. It's about humanity's existence! Scratch the surface of your skin, and together we lead the #RevolusiMicrobiome movement as a united Indonesia.

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Microbiome and environment?

Little did we know that everything we consume affects our skin microbiome and environment, including soap that we use for daily washing.

Ingredients that we put into our skin and rinse off with water are released back into the environment through water and soil.

It affects the microorganisms and causes imbalances. Thus, using microbiome-friendly products is vital to maintaining the soil and water microbiome balance.

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